Ser Flavian, the Agressive Sellsword

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Ser Flavian, the Agressive Sellsword

Message  Flavian le Ven 14 Juin - 2:13

First off, allow me to cut straight to the chase; I am english. While I understand French, writing is a difficult task for me and I would appreciate it if everyone here could cope with it and understand me.

Ser Flavian, an agressive sellsword lives each day as his last because it might as well be. He's not a very happy person but quite pleasant when he has a belly full of wine and bread. While he tends to keep to himself, he's not one to stab a friend in the back unless the friend steps on his toes first.

He's not the type of man to strike a woman or child if they were to threaten or insult him, either, as he would rather silence them with a nice chop of his sword.

As most stories unfold the traditional way of introducing some person close to him being murdered or in the special case of being a great, unbeatable warrior, he isn't like that.

He enjoys to hurt those who deserve it more than he deserves to hurt those who do not. Coming from a family of scholars and merchants, he decided to stand out amongst them. At a young age, he enlisted in a the towns militia but was rejected due to the overwhelming amount of people already inside of it. So he did what he felt was right: he killed someone in the militia and stole his place. Years later, he found his lust of gold and power so overwhelming that even the woman he thought he loved, left him. Leaving him with a broken heart, he grew cold. Emotionless. 

Becoming a sellsword(a soldier for hire) seemed like the right choice, and the right choice it was. He killed many, burned entire villages and plagued noble men with fear.

They say his mask is the key ingredient to his violence. Question is; Do you want to find out?


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Re: Ser Flavian, the Agressive Sellsword

Message  Kuira (Chloé) le Lun 17 Juin - 18:34

Well that certainly a bad ass character you have! Do not be surprised if my character makes fun of you, she's completly crazy. (And as soon you'll saw her, you'll understand why.)

I think a very bad mood character could be very interesting, they are quite rare in our LARP.

A couple of wise advice for your first larp with us:
-This LARP has a couple of funny moments. The animators wants everybody to have fun after all, and we're still, you know, bunch of crazy people dressing up with plastic swords. Do not let it get you down, play with it and be even more moody!
-Your character will be new in the LARP, so even if your Background is badass, you may be not very strong against older player. Older player are not douches, they will not kill you in first sight, they will not restrict your every movements. Seriously, we are very nice! So nice that when somebody evil comes in... well, we have a tendancy to control the damage they can do. So you can be badass: you can kill, poison, burn. But PLAY SMART, or you'll not live for long. There has been some very succesful evil player, but they all were very intelligent in how they did their evilness.
-Be open or you'll play alone (which is no fun). The more you hang out with others, the more quest you'll have, the more stuff you can do!

I hope those wise advice serve you well!
Kuira (Chloé)

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